not a cinderella story

this is why i don’t want boys over. and i use boys literally.

my intial irritation began with donnie having people over last night. sunday night. the night before my brother, brandon and i all go to work in the morning. i’m still confused as to why this was thought to even be possibly okay. nevertheless, i tolerated it. i did however, tell them to quit smoking in the house when i walked in the door. i am so tough.

anyway, i eventually fell asleep. unbeknownst to pretty much anyone in the house, ajay, our 17 year old next door neighbor beat up the “krazykorean” in our front yard. i knew that they had gotten into a fight, but not that this occured in my front yard. how did i find out? well goodness, it’s because the police called me this evening. then the same police called my brother. awesome.

entertaining point? as i eavesdropped on my brother’s conversation, this cop asked how old donnie was. matt replied with 21. then the cop asked the question i have been wondering since these boys moved in…”why is donnie hanging out with these younger guys?”

most of the reason, i know, is that they all live close by (i.e. next door). however, this is just the crap i don’t want happening. i have told matt again and again, that i am not putting my life in jeapordy for these kids. i mean, really, the next party that happens here, if i don’t know them, and they’re not 21, they can leave.

i will add that the krazykorean is a wackjob. he still didn’t deserve to be beaten to a pulp. sick. i wonder if there is blood on my lawn. sigh.

 update: i figured i should clear up the issue – this actually was not matt’s fault for once.  matthew was also soundly asleep in bed. not that this couldn’t come from his doing at some other point. also, my mom got a call from the cops. yikes!


2 Responses to “not a cinderella story”

  1. wow, that sucks. calls from the PD are never good. your brother will learn one of these days.

  2. It is her property, of course they called her!

    Those roommates of yours better shape up, otherwise I think mom might toss them out, rent checks or not.

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