for the next week, i will be on what i like to call normal psych. these are basically patients who are sick in the hospital for some other reason, and they happen to also have depression. since modern day doctors freak out at handling anything other than their specialty (probably for legal purposes), psych is consulted for these people.

 that’s what staying in the hospital pretty much means nowadays. you are seen by a whole batch of doctors who know nothing about you. not that i think much of this matters because the majority of the patients in the hospital don’t really seem to be sick – a really bizarro concept. the things i see people in the hospital for, i would never waste such money. i can understand the elderly – little things put them at a greater risk than if i came down with the same thing.

there is a whole group of doctors who only work in the hospital and will see the patients of the other doctors who only work outside the hospital. it’s a good system for us, but i question the good it does for patients. and i’m not talking specialties, because most of the time a person will have never met that doctor when they are called for a consult. that’s not a big deal. however, it is the rare internal medicine doctor who is in the hospital every morning. but do keep in mind, they do exist, and if you’re shopping for a doctor – consider that a big selling point. if your primary care doc still goes to the hospital to check on their patients, you’re probably going to have better continuity care and you’re less like to have to tell you same history 12 million times.

just don’t begrudge the doctor who doesn’t do it. it really is a luxury for patients…that kind of work is difficult. and hospitalists (internal medicine docs that just work in the hospital) are really good doctors. but from my point of view, nothing compares to seeing your doctor whether in the hospital or out.

 my whole point is, we go in and see these patients, expect them to tell their life secrets, then peace out. seems counter productive. BUT, i will be happy to go back to the ward in a couple weeks assuming that my time away will be sufficient to give you-know-who the boot.

(despite my title, i admit i’m actually kinda excited about the doctor i’ll be working with because he’s super smart – as most are – and he really offers me some great advice regarding my future…and he likes ayn rand.)


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