previously unheard of

 i recommend maybe watching it with the sound off, because, dammit bailey. no worries, i kicked her once i turned the video off. (joke rachel). i had to put this video up though because i don’t think anyone would ever believe me who knew delilah before.

except for when we had our first bloodhound, ellie, delilah has never been playful. she became worse after she was run over a car (a long story).

before my parents moved to atlanta, there were three bloodhounds in the house and two people (before i moved home). that usually meant delilah getting the short end of the deal, and as much as my mother would like to deny it, it’s true.

we were worried she’d be depressed without the other two bloodhounds, but instead she’s the happiest i have ever seen her. she probably got tired of georgia drooling on everything, drinking all the water and eating everyone else’s food.

 the next video i hope to get is delilah chattering. 


One Response to “previously unheard of”

  1. Bailey seems to have a sense of rythym. Awesome. She barks in almost perfect intervals.

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