i’m not cheap

today i had the usual honor of visiting my favorite patient on the psych ward with the psychiatrist i am following this week. if you recall, two days prior, she very tactfully told me to wash between my legs. i personally think she out-did herself today, but i will let you decide for yourself.

we walk into the room, and the doctor is ahead of me, obscuring my presence.

“hiii doctor,” she says in a mildly friendly tone.

then…she sees me.

“i have nothing to say if she’s here.”

“well, this is a teaching hospital, so students will be with me from time to time.”

“i already told you everything i have to say if she’s here.”

at this point, she quickly gets up and storms out, and as she left, i had that instant thought that she might very well hit me. you can just see the scorn and hatred seething out of her, and i definitely believe she’s capable of it (which is actually an uncommon feeling on the ward, i think). the doctor and i follow about 10 feet behind her, knowing today is another day of defeat, when she turns around, and spittingly states, “and keep that cheap slut away from me.”

what does the doc say?

“you probably shouldn’t interview her alone anymore.”

all i could do was laugh.


2 Responses to “i’m not cheap”

  1. Are you back at general for this rotation? And I think it is HILARIOUS she keeps implying you’re a whore. HAHA. I LOL’ed at the “wash between your legs” comment.

  2. Okay – then you are working with Dave’s aunt. She is in psych right now. She might be the “mean nurse!” Her initials are “DP” and she has short, dark, curly hair. Dave even thinks she might be the mean nurse, hahaha!

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