cigarettes and sunshine

yesterday could not have been a more glorious day…

1. there was sunshine.

2. my mother told me she had scheduled a doctor’s appt on feb 12th to obtain a prescription for chantix.

among my other diagnosable psychiatric conditions (specific phobia, obsessive-compulsive personality [not the disorder]…), i am convinced i have SAD – seasonal affective disorder. basically, my mood is altered by the lack of sunlight. the gloomy string of five days with gray clouds blanketing the sky do not bode well for me. thus, with the sun out so brightly that it was roasting me in my car, i was the happiest i have been for a number of months.

compound this by the fact that my mother, after months of nagging, begging, pleading, bribing with first born children, and other such tactics, has agreed to see a doctor to get a prescription for the wonder drug chantix. i am not sure that it is a wonder drug per se – but i have yet to hear a poor report, and it would take quite a wealth of literature to convince me that the drug is so unhelpful to warrant not even attempting it and continuing smoking. i have seen the ravages of cigarettes from the very first days of my clinical rotations, and everytime i saw a patient in these conditions, i pictured my mother in this position with my vigor for harassing her renewed. there could be no better news for me.


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