orientation for psychiatry

the first day of any rotation is quite the conundrum. you’re irritated because there is no purpose for you to be there. you spend the day filled with mindless tasks, but if your first day was spent doing something meaningful, like beginning the rotation, you’d be just as irritated because you had planned for your time to be wasted. ultimately, if i have to choose, i’d rather spend the a small portion of the day doing nothing, so i could spend the remainder doing the things i want to do.

that was how today pretty much went, with lots of down time, providing me the opportunity to get some tasks done that i had been putting off. additionally, we did have a few lectures today – they probably figured since they knew the 1st day would be chiefly a waste, that they could throw in several lectures to get them out of the way. one of them was mildly entertaining because the resident would play clips from movies and it would be our job to guess the personality disorder. during this lecture, i am sitting next to the resident, and she plays a clip of the woman from american beauty – my diagnosis?

“that lady’s a wack-job.”

i don’t event know where to begin or if i need to begin to explain how this is about the worst possible answer i could have said. note to self: for the remainder of the psychiatry rotation, refrain from calling patients wackjob, nutjob, etc. you get the drift. in retrospect, this is still really funny to me, which further reinforces the fact that i probably shouldn’t do psych. i can already imagine the innumerable situations in which i will likely bust out laughing.

 i could get into a lot of trouble on this rotation.

 all humor aside – i do have some frustrating and some good news.

1. i missed honoring my surgery shelf by 2 points. this is really frustrating just because of being so close, however, there is still the slight possibility i could honor. only if a certain number of students (~10%) don’t honor will they lower the shelf score. all is not lost: with each shelf, i am getting closer and closer to honoring. 2 points is just 2 questions from honoring, and surgery is supposed to be one of the more challenging tests, and i improved. thus, with the typical optimism, i proceed with high hopes of honoring future rotations.

2. i spoke with my father today, and thank the lord (literally, i prayed for some resolution), everything should turn out okay with regards to that nasty insurance business.

lastly, just one story of the moron i spent an entire surgery rotation with. he is the type of student you fear some day becoming a doctor. i have been fortunate; until i met him, there was no one that i could say this about. this story will make little sense to most people, but i will put in perspective with a simple comparison.

today during a lecture on delirium, we were asked for the differential. we were provided the broad topic metabolic abnormality – i.e. hypo or hypernatremia (just for some buzz words for you to compare). those basically mean high or low sodium. what does our genius medical student say? cushing’s disease. anticlimatic for most, saying this answer would be like if i asked you, what is your favorite color? and you gave me diet coke for an answer.


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