when we return to the medical school

there are probably two benefits to returning to the actual medical school as an m3

1. you get to see all of your friends in one place

2. you get to do nothing for that period of time

unfortunately, the con of returning majorly offsets these few benefits. my medical school is extremely talented at wasting student time. i would rather have an extra week on some other rotation, then spend this time at school. on our first day back, they managed to spend an entire half hour detailing what we would be doing for the day, instead of just getting to it.

tomorrow should be particularly painful as we review hypertension. i don’t know if you know this…but…hypertension is probably one of the most important diseases for student to know. damn near every patient we see will have it, and it causes a slew of other conditions if not properly treated. and really, if someone couldn’t tell me the basics of hypertension by now, i’d find some way to get them kicked out of medical school for being such an idiot. this person would clearly be a danger to any patient.

yesterday there was one beautiful moment – one extremely useful hour. it was a discussion of our fourth year of medical school. even as i write this now, i can feel my heartrate increase and my chest gets tight from the wonderful combination of anxiety and excitement. the main item of discussion was fourth year electives, which is exactly what it sounds like. we have the opportunity to spend our remaining year of medical school doing (almost) exactly what we want. upon seeing the requirements, i had almost instantaneously written down my ideal schedule: 2 months in pittsburgh doing ER, 1 month at summa for critical care, 1 month doing ER research, 1 month doing peds sports medicine, and 1 final month saying a final goodbye to surgery. there are so many preparations for fourth year to undertake as we are primarily responsible for organizing our schedule.

planning fourth year also makes me think of all of the other events throughout the year: applying for residency, writing my personal statement (rachel will be editting this bad boy), interviews, taking my step 2 boards, the match, and the list goes on.  i look forward to sharing those events with my family and friends, and other people who happen to pass by. if life is a story with many climaxes, consider fourth year to be one of the most exciting to this day – even the anticipation has my heart bounding.


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  1. Editing* that bad boy, yes, I will be. Clearly you need my aid.

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