let’s get down to business

i will begin with the best news: i am officially done with surgery. on many medical school blogs, you will see a large number posts regarding this rotation, and they are all pretty true. however, i purposely waiting until the end because while i hated surgery, i did not want it to consume my writing.

i spent 9 weeks on this rotation, and i will tell you, i went out with a bang. during a morning presentation with all of the attendings and resident, i got up to use the restroom. i should add that whenever i leave to go to the bathroom, it is really that i am so bored with the presentation, i have to leave. as i walk to the back of the room and a my favorite senior resident steps up to the podium, i manage to trip on nothing. and i mean nothing. i fell flat on my face with only the heart surgeon to buffer some of my fall. and as i am crashing and burning, my senior resident says “OH MY…GOD” directly into the microphone. let’s leave it at that.

 that’s tidbit number one.

before i share this next story, i will add that i have a test tomorrow. a test during your third year is called a “shelf”. this will be helpful for future reference.

so after my 2 hour nap, i decide i study at our local coffee house, arabica. i am driving down a busy 4 lane road in my city in the right lane, and as i look down the road, i see a white truck back out into the left lane, and pull into the right lane and stop. i stop behind thinking he will start moving, but he remains. i honk my horn. he doesn’t move. i drive around him in the left lane, and as i do this, he proceeds to speed up and drive in my blind spot. at this point i was probably going 60 in a 35 to try and get back in the right lane (i had to turn right at the upcoming intersection), so i decide to slow down, which he follows. all the while, i can see him yelling at me, so i flip him the bird. he speeds ahead of me, brake-checks, i move to the right lane, he brake-checks again. i get stopped at a light (conveniently) and he gets out to yell at me, at which point i tell him, “i have your license plate number and i’m telling the cops.” and i did. i decided to do all this, instead of study for my test tomorrow.

the cop said he’ll yell at him. that will show HIM.


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